Who may avail our services?

Parents whose child is:

  • Irritable, aggressive, disobedient, abusive, ill-tempered, destructive, unable to communicate well.
  • Having temper tantrums, sleeping or eating disorders, unexplained worries or unfounded fears.
  • Addicted to  TV, Internet, computer games, etc.
  • Having difficulty making friends or is withdrawn from people or activities he/she liked earlier.
  • Often complaining of headache, stomach-ache, weakness etc. without any apparent cause.

Parents who:

  • Feel that their child is facing an emotional problem that they are unable to understand.
  • Often receive complaints or unsatisfactory reports about their child from school and neighbours.
  • Feel frustrated/terrorized and helpless by their child’s aggression, tantrums, unruly behaviour,
  • Suspect a physical or sexual abuse with their child.
  • Are worried about their child’s sexuality and need help in talking to him/her.

Adolescents or young adults who:

  • Are confused about life’s goals or feel that they are not good enough for anything at all.
  • Feel the need for a patient hearing or are pressurized by the expectations of their parents.
  • Find it difficult to get along easily with others or are teased and ridiculed frequently.
  • Feel drawn to drinks, drugs or minor crimes simply to gain acceptance among age-peers.
  • Feel guilty for, either something done by them, or the thoughts that often come to their mind.
  • Have frequent mood swings, eating and sleep disorders or unexplained fear and anxiety.
  • Feel depressed, lonely, ignored, unwanted, stressed out, or have suicidal thoughts.
  • Are ashamed of their physical appearance and/or have some sex-related queries or fears.